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Welcome to the webpage of the Fluid PF!

Public Foundation “Fluid” was established in 2002 with the goal of developing biogas and energy-saving technologies in Central Asia in order to improve the economical and environmental welfare of rural population and increase the sustainable development potential of the region. Our achievements include:
Development of optimal construction of biogas plants for the conditions of the KR, that allows minimizing building costs and maximally automating the exploitation of biogas plants (patent of the KR on automated biogas plants #807 dated 21 April 2004);
Development of the first in Kyrgyz Republic technical specifications for constructing biogas plants with different production capacity (TR 2932-001-23009587) that include several innovative technical solutions, designed by PF “Fluid”;
Development of the National Standard of the KR for biogas plants KMS 1061:2007, approved by the decree of the National Institute of Standards and Metrology dated 29 January 2007 №4;
Construction and support of over 50 functioning biogas plants with reactor volumes ranging from 5 to 360 m3 in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan;
Production of ceramic radiant heaters for gas burners with infrared radiation for increasing efficiency throgh quality combustion of gas fuel.
Implementation of projects and cooperation with GEF, UNDP, European Commission, Japan International Cooperation Agency, ADB Regional development project, GTZ aimed at development and dissemination of biogas technology;
Development and publication of practical manual “Biogas technologies in the Kyrgyz Republic” (2006, 2009, 2011) and manual on “Production and utilization of biogas” (2009);
Consulting activities in construction and exploitation of biogas plants utilization of biogas and bio-fertilizer within the framework of EBRR BAS Programme in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan and as a member of Association of Consultants of the KR;
Awards, received by the Foundation include a diploma of Agency of the Kyrgyz Republic on Intellectual Property for best inventions in 2005-2006, and by the certificate “Best practice in sustainable development in the Central Asia” by “Capacity 2015” ILN/CARNet for biogas plant on Uzbekistan.
This website contains information about biogas plants and technologies, developed by PF “Fluid”.


Biogas plants PF “Fluid” officially patented
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Thankfull postcard from Okamoto Meiji

“Dear Alex Gavrilovic!

Let me express my deep gratitude for your support and Продолжить чтение… | Continue reading…

Confirmation Letters of European Bank for Reconstruction and development

This letter EBRR BAS Programme in the Kyrgyz Republic confirms that the Public Fund “Fluid” is a qualified participant of the Program.
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Gratitude from Oasis Social Fund

Social Fund “Oasis” with gratitude letter expressing its appreciation Vedenev Alexey Gavrilovic, as chairman of the Association of farmers for excursions and a detailed description of biogas plants for environmental program participants pupils from Belovodskoe special boarding school. (text on the image is similar to that one)
Gratitude letter from June 19, 2014, personally signed by the director OBF “Oasis” Carrell James Marshall.
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KyrSEFF Partnership

Letter dated June 10, 2014:
Dear Alex Gavrilovic,
Attached file, send you our official statement regarding Farmer Associations and NGO “Flyud.” We are pleased to inform you that the program will be glad to cooperate KyrSEFF installation of biogas technology. Your customers can contact any of our partner banks Program (KICB, Demir Bank, Bai Tushum, Fink) for credit resources to grant components. Projects will be considered individually according to the procedures KyrSEFF, after approval of credit client capabilities. If you have questions, I’d be happy to answer them.

Nurzat Abdyrasulova
+ document
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BEM-10 construction has launched for a New Way Farm

“New Way” Farm and PF “Fluid” launched a project to build a 10-BEM in Chui area, Novopokrovka village, Kyrgyzstan.
Installation provides bandwidth up to 1 ton of waste per day, working in a thermophilic regime!

stay tuned ….

Gratitude paper from Equestrian Federation of Kyrgyzstan

AFKH “Farmer” was received thanks from the Equestrian Federation of the Kyrgyz Republic for assistance at the Second stage of the Central Asian Equestrian World Cup Champions League.
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BEM-100 construction has launched for Furkat company

LLC “Furkat” and PF “Fluid” launched the project construction BEM-250 in the Osh region, Kara-Sui area.
Installation provides bandwidth as 5 tons of wastes per day, working in mesophilic mode!

stay tuned ….

BEM-250 construction has launched for Daamduu Sut company

LLC “Daamduu Sut” and PF “Fluid” launched the project construction BEM-250 in the Chui valley, Sokuluk area.
Installation provides bandwidth as 12 tons per day, working in mesophilic mode!

stay tuned ….

BEM-25. First Plant in Osh region.

First Biogas Plant in Osh region were built!!!
It’s situated in Uzgen district of Osh region, in Kara-Kuldzha ayil place in Pervoe May Village.

Completed in December 2013
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