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Prices of biogas plants

Exact calculation of biogas plant construction and operation costs is necessary for calculation payback period and comparing alternative models for gathering information about forecoming financial expenditures. Production characteristics, cost and yearly benefits from operation of biogas plants, produced by PF “Fluid” are quoted below. Calculation of benefits was performed under assumption of selling biofertilizer for 500 som per ton and biogas price of 5,5 som per m3.

Prices of farmer biogas plants(2021)


Volume of digesters, m3 Som
5 623000
10 784000
15 1570800
25 1963000
50 2796500
100 4284000
250 8300000


* This price does not include transport costs, taxes and costs of general construction works. The indicated prices should be seen as an approximation, for exact prices of the biogas plant in your case, please request a commercial offer.

** Digestion of the sludge with moisture level of 85% in mesophilic mode (37 C).

*** Exchange rate Som/USD, 2021: 84.5 Som per USD

Table analysis shows that the payback period for the smallest plants (digester volumes up to 5 m3) is a bit longer than 3 years and payback period of plants with digester volumes above 50 m3 is less than 1 year.

Types of expenditure
There are three main expenditure types connected with implementation of biogas plant:
• manufacturing and material costs (production costs)
• operation and maintenance costs (running costs)
• capital costs

Production costs
The production costs include all expenses which are necessary for the erection of the plant e.g.: the land, excavation-work, construction of the digester and gasholder, the piping system, the gas utilization system, the dung storage system, wages and materials.

Production costs are determined by the following factors:
The production costs of biogas plants are determined by the following factors:
• purchasing costs or renting costs for land which is needed for the biogas plant and slurry storage;
• model, size and dimensioning of the biogas unit;
• amount and prices of material;
• labor input and wages.

Average cost
For rough calculation of typical cost of a simple biogas plant following values can be used: overall cost of the plant not counting land costs constitutes 500 UDS per 1 m3 of digester. Around 30 – 40% of overall cost comes from the cost of metal digester vessel.

The cost of biogas plant per volume unit decreases with increase in digester volume. However, with increase of plant size cost of gas piping is increased and overall cost stays approximately the same per unit of digester volume. Plants with heating are more suitable for conditions of the Kyrgyz Republic and it is economically more feasible to build larger plants. Individual prices are calculated for every project separately depending on current material prices and availability and labor costs.

Running costs
The operation and maintenance costs consist of wage and material cost for:
• acquisition (purchase, collection and transportation) of the substrate;
• water supply for cleaning the stable and mixing the substrate;
• feeding and operating of the plant;
• supervision, maintenance and repair of the plant;
• storage and application of the biofertilizer;
• gas distribution and utilization;
The running costs of a biogas plant are just as important as the construction costs, and normally amount to no more than 4% of initial biogas plant cost per year.

Capital costs
Capital costs consist of redemption and interest for the capital taken up to finance the construction costs. Interest rates for loans in the Kyrgyz Republic vary from 17% до 40% per year [27]. It is also necessary to take into account approximate inflation rate.

Useful life of biogas plant
In calculating the depreciation, the economic life-span of plants can be taken as 15 years, provided maintenance and repair are carried out regularly.