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Implementation of biogas technologies

Aims of implementing biogas technologies
Before a biogas plant is built or a biogas program is implemented on a state level, an economic assessment should be carried out. In judging the economic viability of biogas programs and units the objectives of each decision-maker are of importance. Biogas programs (macro-level) and biogas units (micro level) can serve the following purposes:
• the production of energy at low cost (mainly micro-level);
• a crop increase in agriculture by the production of bio-fertilizer (micro-level);
• increase n quality of agricultural production – ecologically pure produce;
• the improvement of social conditions of rural population (micro and macro level);
• the conservation of tree and forest reserves and a reduction in soil erosion (mainly macro-level);
• poverty reduction of the rural population (mainly macro-level);
• a saving in spending on import of fuel and fertilizers (macro-level);
• provision of skills enhancement and employment for rural areas (macro-level).
• decrease in internal migration from rural areas (macro-level).

Economic evaluation of biogas plant
After defining the aims of implementing biogas plant economic evaluation can be carried out. For this examined will be:
• benefits for individual households;
• cost of individual biogas plant;
• economic benefits of individual biogas plant.