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Application of biofertilizer

Periods and norms of biofertilizer application
Digested substrate has the largest effect when it is applied to fields shortly before vegetation period. It is also possible to apply biofertilizer during plant growth. Appropriate quantities and period of application depends on the type of plant. For maintenance of hygiene leaves of the plants used in cooking are not fertilized using leaf-feeding methods.
Recommendation for effective use of biofertilizer are cited below [15]:
Presowing soaking of seeds: water solution for soaking – 1:50; seeds are soaked until appearance of shoots. Grain-crop seeds are moisturized with 1:50 solution before sowing.
Fruit trees and soil watering: solution of 1:50 is used on the basis of applying 4-5 liters per m2 (from 1 to 1,5 tons o biofertilizer per hectare). Pre-arable soil treatment and winter on-snow application is carried out on the basis of 1-1,5 tons per hectare of 1:10 solution.
Vegetable and flower seedling plants: watering the soil after sowing the seeds and after sprouts appearance by solution of 1:70. For soil watering and plant nutrition after sawing seedlings into open soil with 4-5 liters of 1:70 solution per m2 every 10-15 days.
Strawberry and berry shrubs: first application – watering and spraying – in springtime after appearance of the first leaves, second and third application with 10-15 day interval during watering time with 4-5 liter of 1:50 solution per 1 m2.
Indoor plants: Watering is carried out in the period of active growth 3-4 times with 10-15 day interval and 1:60 solution.