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Malfunctions that can appear in operating biogas plant are described in Table 17 below. The most frequent cause for worry is decrease in biogas production.

Table 17. Частые причины поломок и их устранение [8]
Disturbances Possible reasons Measures to be taken
inlet/outlet pipe fibrous material inside the pipe or
sinking layer blocking the lower
end of the pipe cleaning up the pipe with a pole; removing
sinking layer by frequent ’poking’ through
inlet and outlet pipe.
digester not water-tight if cracks in the digester do not self-seal
within weeks, empty digester and seal
insufficient gas
gas store not gas-tight due to
cracks or corrosion seal cracks, replace corroded parts;
taps corrosion open and close several times, grease or
replace taps;
gas pipe
is not tight corrosion or porosity; insufficient
sealing of connections; identify leaking parts; replace corroded or
porous parts; re-seal connections
Disturbances Possible reasons Measures to be taken
gas loss
1. crack in the gas pipe
2. automatic water trap blown empty
3. open gas tap 1. repair or replace
2. add/refill water, detect reason for
3. over-pressure; check dimensioning of the water-trap
4. close tap
1. water in the gas pipe
2. blocked gas pipe 1. check functioning of water trap;
install water traps in depressions of
piping system or eliminate these
2. identify the blocked parts (start with
gas outlet, connections to
appliances and bends); clean the
respective parts;

Repair works are carried out in the cases of malfunctions as well as during normal operation of the plants. The scope of repair works lying outside abovementioned in the table should be carried out by qualified specialists, as the owner of a biogas plant does not normally have a technical education. In any case, yearly check of the biogas plant has to be carried out by trained technical specialists.

For normal exploitation, service and repair works of a biogas plant the following documentation has to be accessible at all times:
1) principal diagrams of gas and electrical systems, layout of the plant;
2) equipment certificates of manufacturers on vessels operating under pressure;
3) plans and graphs of technical maintenance and repairs of component parts and equipment;
4) log books of plants operation and trainings on safety regulations and exams on the knowledge of «Safety rules for gas supply facilities» by the staff.