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In Kyrgyzstan, as in many other developing countries, there is a direct connection between fertilizer problems and land degradation and deforestation due to high firewood demand. In rural areas the use of pressed dung and organic waste for cooking and heating of the living premises is also widely spread.
This way of utilization of organic waste is causing considerable loss of plant nutrients direly needed by the agriculture for supporting land fertility. Implementation of biogas technology can provide maximal utilization of accessible to rural population resources: leftover after biogas production slurry can be used as fertilizer that will increase overall land quality and crop yields.

Properties of biofertiliser
Biofertiliser contains a number of organic substances that contribute to increasing soil permeability and hygroscopic properties and at the same time prevent erosion and improve overall soil condition. Organic substances also constitute the base for development of microorganisms that convert nutrients into form that can be easily assimilated by the plants. Practice shows that crop productivity significantly increases after application of biofertiliser.