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Biogas lant construction training

OF “Fluid” offers a unique 5-day training course, after which you will be able to build a biogas plant on your own (the course includes working drawings of the plants).

The course program includes the following modules:
1. Introduction to biogas technologies
2. Analysis of farm needs
3. Development of the main scheme of the biogas plant
4. Selection of materials
5. Construction and installation works
6. Reactor
7. Installation of biogas plant
8. Commissioning of BSU
9. Plant operation
10. Maintenance and repair of the plant
11. Use of BSU products
12. Visiting working biogas plants.

Tuition is $4,000. The amount includes the training of 2 specialists, preferably technical specialists, who will be responsible for the design, construction and operation of the plant.

The course fee does not include travel and accommodation costs. You can consult with Alexey Vedenev by phone +99670504109 (with WhatsApp).

For more than 15 years of work, the Fluid PF has completed the construction and maintenance of more than 100 biogas plants with reactor volumes from 5 to 360 m3 on the basis of peasant farms in the Kyrgyz Republic, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, North Korea and Croatia.

Biogas training program 2023

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