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Biogas plant in Isfana

“Texas” Cafe

Shopping Center “Ak-Turpak”, Ak-turpak AO, Batken province, Kyrgyzstan
Completed in 2020

1. Digester volume, m3 – 25
2. Digested manure, tons per day – 2
3. Digested manure, tons per year – 660
4. Biogas production, m3 per day – 60
5. Biogas production, m3 per year – 19800
6. Gasholder volume, m3 – 10

IE Zhoroev, Texas cafe

IE Zhoroev, Texas cafe

On-ground digester of the plant allows to process up to 2 ton of manure of cattle and is operated in mesophylic temperature regime.

Ak-Tilek Farm

IE Zhoroev, cherry orchid

Biogas is used for heating and cooking In the cafe, and resulting fertilizer is used on own lands of IE for cherry orchid.

Ak-Tilek Farm

IE Zhoroev, biogas plant building

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