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BEM-25 “Nasiyat” Farm

“Nasiyat” Farm
Alamudun village, Chui oblast, Kyrgyzstan
To be completed in 2011

1. Digester volume, m3 – 25
2. Digested manure, tons per day – 1,5
3. Digested manure, tons per year – 500
4. Biogas production, m3 per day – 45
5. Biogas production, m3 per year – 15000
6. Gasholder volume, m3 – 5

Biogas plant of the underground type is working in mesophilic regime and utilizes manure of cattle, horses and pigs. Fertilizer is used on own land for agricultural purposes and received biogas – for production and household needs of the farm.

Consulting costs for construction of the biogas plant were co-subsidized by BAS EBRR Programme in the Kyrgyz Republic.

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