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BEM-120 Uzbekistan

Milkagro LLC
Chigatai-Aktepe village, Zangiotiskyi rayon, Tashkent oblast, Uzbekistan
Completed in 2006

Digesters of the biogas plant of Milkagro LLC in Uzbekistan

1. Digester volume, м3 – 120
2. Digested manure, tons per day – 8
3. Digested manure, tons per year – 2600
4. Biogas production, м3 per day – 300
5. Biogas production, м3 per year – 90000
6. Power, kWt – 10

Equipment of the biogas plant of Milkagro LLC in Uzbekistan

The first biogas plant in Uzbekistan was constructed on the milk-farm of Milkagro LLC, processes cattle manure and consists of 2 digesters with volume of 60 m3 each and gas-and-diesel electro generator with power of 20 kWt per hour.

Fertilizer in stored in special tank and used on own land for agricultural purposes and for greenhouse plants. Biogas is used for heating of the greenhouse, electro generator and household needs of the farm.

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