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BEM-25 Belovodskoye

Private farm of Phillipov
Belovodskoe village, Moskovskiy rayon, Chui oblast, Kyrgyzstan
Completed in 2003

External view of Phillipov’s biogas plant, Kyrgyzstan

1. Digester volume, м3 – 25
2. Digested manure, tons per day – 1,6
3. Digested manure, tons per year – 570
4. Biogas production, м3 per day – 25
5. Biogas production, м3 per year – 9000
6. Power, kWt – 3

Digester of Phillipov’s biogas plant, Kyrgyzstan

Consists of 1 digester of 25 m3 and a gasholder.

Human faeces are digested in  Phillipov’s biogas plant, Kyrgyzstan

Digests manure of cattle, pigs and poultry. Bio-fertilizer is used in the garden and land of farm for agricultural purposes, biogas is used for household needs including house heating.

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